Every early stage startup goes through the rough phase of building path-breaking products and fund raising at the same time. Especially in the earliest stages, trying to juggle a startup, family and fund raising is tough. You don’t have too many people to help you sail through this phase. Most people don’t get it, aside from other founders. As it is building a startup is tough then you have to deal with sharks a.k.a. venture capitalists. These guys want mountains information & reports from you, in a particular format & then want your time to explain the information you sent them. It’s nightmarish.

I’ve seen a ton of startups struggle with sending out the right information. This often leads to multiple back and forths between investors and startups. Waste of time. Unfortunately, there’s so much information giving gyan to startups about pitching, fund raising, strategies with regard to fund raising, entrepreneurship, etc. Some of it is quite credible and actually helpful, the rest is hogwash. I doubt founders even read through all the information and pro tips out there when it comes to fund raising.

If you’re a founder and relate with the above, I empathise with you. I’m looking to make it easier for you to send out the right information to waste less time. I will be building a template of information decks and financial models that could help you. More like building an open source Starter Kit for Early Stage Fund Raising. I hope this Starter Kit invites collaboration to improve the template. My aim with this Starter Kit is to reduce the overhead on the founder to think of what information goes in a deck, how to build the right financial model etc. All these templates are available to big companies and their consultants. Ideally, it should be available to early stage founders. Well, look no further, here it is.

In this Starter Kit, the information deck is pretty straight forward. It’s the financial model where things get a little nasty. You can access all available templates and description on how to use them from the index below.

  1. Pitch Deck Template
  2. Financial Model Template – Commission Model
  3. Financial Model Template – SaaS Model
  4. Financial Model Template –

Will be updating the templates above as and when they’re available.




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