We all know that landing a rocket on any surface, be it Earth, Moon or even Mars, is tough. There’s a reason behind the phrase – “Rocket Science”. While there’s no such thing as rocket science, the actual event of landing a rocket (or a booster) has thousands of complexities from various disciplines e.g. physics, chemistry, biology etc. I never *really* understood how complex it is until I heard this podcast from the PaperBoys. The PaperBoys Podcasts covers the minute intricacies of the NASA Insight rover landing. They discus how complex the landing really is and how a hive-mind of thousands of scientists and a billion dollars came together to launch, track and land the rover. For e.g. did you know that the rocket had to enter Mars’ atmosphere at a speed of 3.941 metres per second? Accurate up to three decimal points and in metres per second not kilometres per hour! How does anyone measure speed that precise millions of kilometers away? Anyway, to make it easy to grasp the complexities, the hosts of the show give several analogies.

I highly recommend you listen to this podcast. If this doesn’t make you appreciate the advances in science and our lives in general, I don’t know what will. Click on the image below or this link to listen to this podcast.



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