If there’s one resource that has increased my knowledge on a wide-range of topics specific to India, week after week, it has got to be this Podcast. The Seen and Unseen Podcast hosted by Amit Varma explores the hidden side to everything. What’s better? it covers all topics from an India perspective. There are very few media that cover topics specific to India with as much depth and without bias. This Podcast is one of them. Amit invites experienced professionals as guests to discuss the unseen/unintended effects of education policies, data privacy, security, economic policies, demonetisation – you name it, he’s covered it. Yet he’s got a lot more to cover and update on an ongoing basis.

Amit and his guests avoid using jargon or other fancy language to explain their concepts. He always begins the podcast with an introduction that neatly explains the theme of each podcast. They’re usually anecdotes or analogies but one easily connects with the theme and is hooked on to the rest of the show as it’s easy to grasp from there on. Amit has this tendency to use witty, topical humour throughout his podcast, which I look forward to in every episode.

I started listening to it from the show State of the Economy 2 and have been hooked ever since. I highly recommend starting with that show. Click this Link or the picture below to visit that episode. You can even visit the Podcast Website to see their entire playlist.


Seen and Unseen Podcast Hosted by Amit Varma


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