I listen to more podcasts than I’d like to admit. From themes covering business, investments, health, fitness, economics, I listen to everything. The fact that I commute for 4 hours a day probably aides my podcast addiction. Over the course of the past year, I’ve experimented with quite a few podcasts. Whenever I come across a media outlet, I look for their podcasts section. I want to constantly learn – new things, old things, everything. I can’t read in crowded Mumbai trains. Podcasts become a great alternative to learning while on the move. Here’s a few of the podcasts I swear by (in no particular order)

The Tim Ferriss Show by Tim Ferriss: I began listening to podcasts with this amazing podcast. Tim Ferriss is famous for his series called the Four Hour Work Week and other productivity content. Tim’s podcast is all about exploring the minds of people that excel in their field of work, be it musicians, athletes, army men, startup founders, VC’s etc. He’s intelligent, empathetic, curious and conscious. I love Tim’s podcasts, more so, because of the questions he asks his guests. He doesn’t ask your typical, run-off-the-mill questions. They’re designed to illicit a very thoughtful response. I believe, if I can learn to ask questions the way he does, I will learn a lot from my interactions with the people I meet. Do listen to the episode that got me hooked on to this podcast – Interview with Luis Von Ahn, Founder of Captcha and now Coursera

Seen and Unseen by Amit Varma: I’ve written a full post about this. Will not repeat myself here. Do read it.

Freakonomics by Stitcher and Stephen Dubner: Freaonomics is a crazy show about the hidden side to everything. While this podcast is more from a US perspectivee, the concepts and discussions it covers are mind boggling. More so, understanding the economic side of things ranging from sports to games to business to policy, everything intrigues me. It forces me to think beyond the obvious, ask and understand why a specific event has a particular effect. The production quality of the show, again, is top notch. Here’s a link to the podcast series that got me hooked to Freakonomics – What does a CEO Actually Do

Shunya One by IVM Podcasts: I like Shunya One because it explores the Indian startup ecosystem. Shiladitya interviews startup founders each week and discusses their successes and failures. He also brings out a very human side to the startups that, often, seem to not care about users and their experience. It’s a very easy-listen show of ~30 mins each. Linking the episode that got me hooked on to this show – Interview of Naiyya Saggi from BabyChakra

Paisa Vaisa by IVM Podcasts: Even though i’m a VC and invest for a living, when it comes to my personal finances, I’m lost. I started listening to Paisa Vaisa, though out of not knowing what it was all about. I follow @b50 on twitter and really like the quality of this tweets (mostly). His podcasts are even better. they’re succinct (just like his tweets) and filled with financial information (again, just like his tweets). Through his podcasts, Anupam, Host, covers wide ranging topics about personal finance from insurance, home loans, home buying/renting, stock trading (active/passive), cryptocurrencies, *takes a deep breath and continues* mutual fund investing, credit cards and a whole lot more. His podcasts is meant to inform and pass on the right information without any of the financial jargon. Highly recommended show here. As above, linking the episode that got to hooked to Paisa Vaisa – What is Insurance?

996 by GGV Capital: China has been growing at rates no one has seen before. I wanted to learn anything there was to learn about China and its startup ecosystem because most of the world is cut off from Chinese Internet. GGV Capital’s 996 was my entry into just that. GGV Capital is the Sequoia of China. They’re a large fund and have several Chinese unicorns in their portfolio. 996, as per their admission, is the work culture that most Chinese founders inherently adopt while building their businesses i.e. 9AM to 9PM, six days a week. They usually bring their own portfolio founders as guests, but it’s still an insight into the crazy work culture the Chinese have. Here’s a link to the episode that got me hooked on to the show – How Xiaomi Engineered a Suprising Comeback

Masters in Business by Bloomberg: This Bloomberg show is too intense for me. I still force myself to listen to it because the guests on the show are such high fliers from the world of finance. They are guys that have been investing since the 60’s, they’re launched billion dollar hedge funds, they’ve discovered investing concept which are popular today, learning about the complexities of global economies, trade wars. The guests on the show are domain experts. They really know what they’re talking about. Being able to listening to such people is a treat for me. Although I have to re-listen the podcasts twice over to really understand the subject matter, it’s worth it. If you really want to learn about the nuances of business and investing, do give this a listen. Link the episode that got me hooked – Interview with Joel Greenblatt on the thrill of Investing

My Indian Life By BBC World Service: Have started listening to this show hosted by Kalki Koechlin only recently. This show covers everyday young Indians and their stories in 21st century India. It’s raw, it’s captivating and it’s eye opening. The stories of individuals that Kalki covers are rare. I’m still exploring this show but here’s a link to the show that got me wanting for more – A Body of Protest

Business Wars by Wondery: Business wars takes you through the journey and inside stories of the most famous wars in business history. They’ve only recently started but their content and story telling keeps me engaged. Sometimes it’s interesting to know how competition fosters innovation not just in product but even in business models, marketing, distribution strategies and others. There’s a lot to learn from history. I believe this one is doing a good job (so far) of taking us through business history. Linking the episode series that caught my attention – eBay vs PayPal.

[Not a paid post] As you would have noted, I listen to quite a few shows from IVM Podcast Network. Would recommend you visit their site and check out their shows for a wide range of topics. I do believe their shows have great quality and better content. I think they’re on to something here and could become a big podcast network in India in the near future. Will keep an eye on them for sure.

What podcasts do you listen to? Recommend some to me. Clearly I don’t listen to enough podcasts.



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