As a venture capitalist, I get an unfair advantage. I get to see businesses, their successes and failures from a 10,000 feet height. All this while still being in the thick of the action. It’s unfair sometimes. I get access to data e.g. financial, company strategies, inside scoop, pivots, investments etc. unlike most other professions.This data is obviously crucial in the investment evaluation process. But I get to derive a lot of insights about businesses, founders, financial models, business models, revenue models, trajectory of technologies, competition etc.

Through this newsletter I aim to disseminate those insights and learning from analyzing tons of data. I tend to focus my energies on learning new concepts, financial services businesses, technology businesses, startup ecosystem, policy and productivity. I’m intrigued by the events that occur at the intersection of technology and reality. My newsletters will most revolve around these topics.

As with most things I do, I invite your feedback. I’d rather have a small list of engaged subscribers than 1000’s of unengaged bots.

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With that, Welcome to Vantage Point.



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